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  • Go from Design to Fabrication in Record Time

    • Creo Advanced Framework Extension (AFX) gives engineers and designers the power to create structural frameworks much faster using powerful, simple-to-use features that are tailored to specific framework design tasks.

    • Creo AFX provides designers and engineers with a means to dramatically improve the accuracy and productivity of defining structural framework assemblies.

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  • Supports Top-Down Design Process

    • Start with conceptual design to create the framework skeleton using datum curves or imported geometry. Assemble beams from a library of standard types and sizes. Design joints between beams by selecting different corner types.

    • Design connector elements by selecting from a library of brackets, endplates, screws, etc.
    • Define weldments for manufacturing
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  • Other Capabilities

    • Automatic BOM creation, including stock tables
    • Create weldments regardless of assembly structure
    • Automatic creation of engineering drawings
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Creo Advanced Framework Extension - Expert Structure Design

  • Unified Integral Design Environment

    Full associative modeling ensures that design changes are reflected throughout the design process. Single digital definition - incorporating all manufacturing information - eliminates management of additional files. Eliminate time-consuming data translation between software applications.

  • Simple

    Easy to learn and use. Automates many tasks–significantly reducing design time. 100% parametric definition speeds design of a wide variety of framework sections. Comprehensive library of sections, connections and joints, accelerates framework creation. Extensive library of stairs, ladders and safety cages accelerates design of access and walkways.

  • Powerful

    Quickly define corner joints and nodes between virtually any section. Eliminate costly changes due to fit up problems or rework. Fully associative definition adapts instantly to any design change no matter how difficult. Seamless integration with Creo Simulate for structural analysis. Easily place screws and dowels with an interactive user interface.

  • Productive

    Optimized user interface reflects the structural framework design process. Reduce scrap by using appropriate connections, joints, and assembly methods. Save on material costs through exact ‘as-built’ representation of the structural framework. Incorporate manufacturing and fabrication data into the framework definition to speed assembly. Precise 3D structural framework definition ensures fabrication of assembly is right the first time by detecting design and production problems before structures are built.

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Wide Variety of Uses

  • Steel

    Industrial machinery

    Cranes and Elevators

    Marine Structures, Buildings.

  • Structures with standard aluminum extrusions

    Handling and packaging machines

    Conveyor systems

    Assembly Lines

    Ladders and Cages

  • Structures with Custom Beams

    Windows and Doors



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